What Is A Short Sale?Short Sale ConsequencesDo I Qualify For A Short Sale?Should I Buy A Short Sale?The Short Sale Process
March 23, 2011

The Short Sale Process

The short sale process can be cumbersome. There is nothing ‘short’ about a short sale so below I will list some things to help you prepare for the long short sale process. If you are the seller there first thing you will want to find out is if you’re eligible. Have you suffered a hardship?  [...]

March 19, 2011

Short Sale Consequences

There has to be consequences, right? The government and credit agencies couldn’t just let you take a bath on your home and leave you be. Taxes – In the event that your lender agrees to the short sale, it’s a good possibility they may be able to issue a 1099 for the difference on your [...]

Do I Qualify For A Short Sale?

Occasionally, your lender may allow you to enter a short sale while your home is in pre foreclosure status. Your lender does not have to allow you to enter a short sale under any circumstances. Here are a few things to check to see if you may qualify. Has the market value of your home [...]

Should I Buy A Short Sale?

That is a good question to ask yourself when you are searching for a new home. You must consider all of your options in order to find the absolute best deal possible. If you come across a home that has a really low price there is a good chance it is a short sale. Here [...]

What Is A Short Sale?

What Is A Short Sale In the current housing market you have surely heard the term ‘short sale’ mentioned many times. A short sale is when you reach an agreement with your mortgage company to sell the home for less than the current amount you owe. Why would your mortgage company or bank do this? [...]